What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a form of mental health treatment involving several persons (usually 5 to 10) meeting with a therapist for approximately one and one-half hours per week. It is especially valuable for persons wanting to explore new ways of relating, feeling, and thinking with others in the immediacy of the group environment. The group context provides an opportunity for us to better understand how the group and the individual shape and influence one another and how, given that, we can relate to others in healthier ways. Group therapy can serve either as an adjunct to individual therapy or as the primary treatment modality.

What Happens in the Group?

During the session, members speak as openly and honestly about their experience as possible with each other in the “here and now” of the group. As members try to connect to one another in this way, familiar defenses and anxieties appear and are worked through. The group becomes, in effect, a “living laboratory” for members to (1) learn how to help create a group environment where the hopes and vulnerabilities of living differently and more deeply can be safely and productively explored and (2) experiment with new ways of being with themselves and others. The task of the therapist is to help protect the boundaries of the group’s work and to assist the group in addressing issues important to its members’ development.

To Find Out if a Group is Right for You

Entrance into a group requires an interview with the group therapist. The purpose of this interview is (1) to make a decision with you regarding the suitability of group therapy in your particular situation and which group might be most helpful and (2) to answer any questions you have about the group therapy process. To schedule an interview, call Dr. Bernie Lyon at 317-259-8965, Extension 0.

What is Group Therapy?

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